Sands of Alscyra

#2: Bugs and Betrayal

Lorek and Yazmin were rewarded by Reya, the High Priestess of Pelor, for their service to the city. They were given gold and an assortment of potions, and Reya revealed to them that the attack coincided with the theft of the sacred Golden Armaments of Pelor from the catacombs. She promised them even greater rewards to track down the thieves. City intelligence suggested that a halfling involved in the attack had survived and was likely working to escape the city walls.

At Irithia’s behest, the psion Joy was kept alive and sent out with Lorek and Yazmin, instructed that she would have freedom if she used her powers to aid the investigation.

The trio tracked down the halfling, Ferron Hailswift, shortly before he managed to escape the city. They bound his arms and legs, and he agreed to lead them to the rendezvous point for the surviving attackers. They set out as a massive sandstorm kicked up, and eventually were led to a small cave entrance. They bundled Ferron up in Lorek’s bedroll a short distance away, and marched in. He had led them to a trap, however, and they felt the sand beneath them give way as they fell into a cavern full of monstrous beetles.

They fought their way out, only to find that the storm had subsided and Ferron had escaped. Disheartened, they returned to Skyswatch. He had given them some useful information, though, that Kaija was survived by another Desert Lord, Szandros, whose base of operations was far out in the eastern desert. Yazmin’s knowledge of history led her to believe that the ancient Seat of the Sun King was a likely location. They began preparations for a long journey, seeking an experienced guide by way of the handler McBride. This revealed an unexpected connection to Lorek’s lost twin brother, who apparently worked for McBride before disappearing on a trek eastward.

MEANWHILE, Edsel returned to the bookstore to find a strange note on the strange cat, before a contingent of guards arrived.

ALSO MEANWHILE, Keothi immediately stormed from the town square to see Reya, demanding to know why she had sent them into a trap. After some explanation, she revealed that she knew his true purpose in town, and could help him in the chase for Glyddis.



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