Sands of Alscyra

#3: Flashback

About 5 years before the present day, the gnome wizard Content Not Found: kavix was tasked with retrieving an artifact stolen from the Academy in Feyport. As the item was stolen by a fellow researcher, the Academy needed to play a role in its retrieval to save face with the city leaders.

He enlisted the help of the ranger Carcaryn Sands, on loan from the Empire’s McBride. Her skills as a guide would help track the the gnome through the desert. This proved more challenging than expected, but nonetheless they found the thief primarily through Kavix’s improvised dowsing.

The thief, Aeron, was in the midst of some sort of dealing with a dark druid. Kavix and Carcaryn fought them in a subterranean ruin, where the druid animated long-dry vines to restrain the heroes. They fought through, however, and defeated the pair. They retrieved the item, which was revealed to be a simple stone with the sigil of a key on it.

((OOC NOTE: As we were down two players, this was an “Intro to 4th Ed” session. That said, the events do have potential bearing on the present day adventure to come.))



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