Sands of Alscyra

#4: Stalking the Traitors

Our session opened with a flashback to Keothi’s meeting with Reya, and his pursuit of the nobleman Janus, who has some connection to the illusionist Glyddis. Simultaneously, Edsel discovered a strange note attached to a strange cat, before being recruited by guards to pursue Janus as well.

Their search led them to Janus’ home, which appeared both immaculate clean and recently inhabited, at least until Keothi and Edsel discovered and dispelled the illusion. This revealed that the home was covered in dust, and that the body of the (true?) Janus was decaying on the couch.

The heroes united at the Great Defeat, where they learned from McBride that his guides have stopped returning from the desert. However, he did recruit Keothi on the spot as a guide.

The party headed out into the desert again, discovering a small camp of Alscyrans. They were drunk and clearly still celebrating something, which with some intimidation was revealed to be the “fall of Skyswatch at the hand of the Destroyer.” Apparently they were told that Kaija succeeded in her attack on Skyswatch, and further that they were told this by the halfling Ferron. The group informed the party that Ferron had just left and couldn’t be far yet.

They pursued him until sunset, at which point they discovered his campsite. At the site they found Ferron in talks with a shrouded man, whom Lorik sensed to be a sorceror. Combat ensued, and the raven that the party noticed earlier descended and joined the fray, transforming into a female druid. They slew the sorceror and the druid, but simply knocked Ferron unconscious in the hopes of interrogating him.



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