Sands of Alscyra

#5: To the North

Feyport’s Academy has once again called on the gnome wizard Content Not Found: kavix to head south into the desert. This time, their researchers found some troubling evidence of a potential threat from the Feydark. Kavix has been tasked with both researching the potential planar intrusion, as well as gathering resources to fight it off.

Feyport’s less-academic, more-mercantile ruling families insisted that the eccentric warlock Zola accompany him. They don’t believe the implication that a permanent portal to the Feywild is a public safety concern. And it just makes so much money.

The two gnomes head south to Dorn, where they find that the standard array of desert guides have gone AWOL, much to the confusion of the caravans and merchants desperate to head south. Amidst the chaos, they find Content Not Found: corundum and his guide Carcaryn, and quickly they realize their goals align.

Using Carcaryn’s skills as a guide, they hire themselves onto the small caravan of Master Stahl, a hulking brick of a man who deals in precious stones. They traveled southwards until the sun began to set, at which point they camped at the entrance to a shallow sandstone cave.

During the night, however, the party realized that the jerboas that inhabited the cave were carrying tiny golden runestones, and they tracked them to a hole at the back of the cave. Breaking through the fragile wall, they revealed a cavern that led into a chamber. The walls were covered in the tiny runestones, and in the middle stood a massive statue of Kord.

Four larger runes lay on the ground surrounding Kord, and these were clearly magically empowering some of the jerboas, who attacked.

The party defeated the jerboas, and Corundum’s knowledge of divine runes allowed them to perform an impromptu ritual to empower the rune platforms. This sent arcs of magical electricity through the statue of Kord, which sprung to life!



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