Sands of Alscyra

#6: A Shadowy Realm

The party, having defeated Ferron and his associates at their small camp, began the interrogation. Ferron continued to claim that he was a mercenary hired by the Alscyrans, though the party didn’t buy it.

The druid woman they killed was apparently a member of a cult of heretic druids who want to unite the planes of existence. Shamir, the sorceror, was attempting to negotiate with them for some kind of refuge. Ferron disliked this plan, instead preferring to retreat to a place called “Sable’s realm.” He also informs them that Glyddis is likely there, and that they won’t be able to find Szandros while Glyddis’ illusion persists.

They demand to know how to reach Sable’s realm. Ferron hesitates but then tells them flatly, “you have to throw yourselves into a sinkhole.” Further, he explains that you need a specific kind of amulet to keep yourself from being killed. He says Sable is a master thief, and his realm is a haven for all manner of assassins and rogues, as well as wealthy gamblers. The party continues to press him for information, while Faruk arrives to find his brother has been killed by the party. He does not put up a fight, and instead starts bawling.

After catching him in a lie, the party decides to execute Ferron and take his amulet. Faruk leads them to the entrance to Sable’s realm, and Edsel takes the amulet and dives in. He finds himself in a dusky carnival atmosphere, and before long a Shadar-kai guard is at his throat. He requests to see Sable, and that happens almost immediately. After a bit of failed negotiation, Beelphemaat appears and Sable reacts with great surprise. He decides to offer them passage to the realm as long as they defeat his champions in gladiatorial combat.

Meanwhile on the surfaceworld, Lorik learns that Faruk knows Arik Blackwind, Lorik’s brother. The party agrees to Sable’s offer, and they decide to let Faruk remain above in hopes of learning more about Arik.

Once in the arena, the group is presented with three champions. If they defeat one, they’ll be given permanent access to the realm. If they defeat two, Sable will answer their questions. If they defeat all three, they may take a treasure each from Sable’s armory.

They choose Jakhar, a hobgoblin warrior clad in spiked plate and wielding heavy chains. Sable rolls a die each round of combat which adds new features to the arena. Despite this, they defeat the veteran hobgoblin handily.

The second champion is the Shadar-kai warlock called Myrissa. She is quick and evasive, teleporting and phasing out. She spreads her curse to several members of the party and then invokes massive damage on all the cursed. Shockingly, this damage actually kills Joy, the eladrin psion. As she hits the ground, strange shadowy energy seems to swirl into a pendant she was wearing around her neck. Though Joy falls, the party does defeat the warlock.



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