Sands of Alscyra

#8: Quiet, pendant!

From Joy’s perspective, she feels herself blurring through the Shadowfell, and then darkness. Confronted with a series of visions, of her parents being confronted by an angry Amharet, of the destruction of the Arglade, and of a place darker than dark, where an eerily beautiful woman is imprisoned behind a barrier of force. Her perspective then moves from the dark place to peering out of the amulet she once wore, at the face of Edsel, who seems to be staring into the amulet.

The party awakes to find that, indeed, Joy’s consciousness seems to have been locked inside her black stone amulet, which now adorns Edsel. She is able to psychically, much to the annoyance of Keothi.

During the previous night’s watch, Keothi spotted a figure on the horizon who seemed to notice him as well, and then dart into the shadows. As daylight arrived, the party headed to the spot that this figure had last been seen. Out of nowhere, an immense heat shimmer blanketed the area, and Joy sensed the presence of many minds. In an instant, Lorik and Faruk were snapped up into the shimmer and vanished.

The party crested the hill, seeking either the strange shimmer or any sign of their abducted party members. They found a desolate abandoned-looking outpost, which they approached cautiously, noting that strange glyphs seemed to be chalked on several buildings.

Through luck and a good eye, Yazmin caught sight of a figure moving into a building and gave chase. This led the party into an underground compound of tunnels, through which they eventually cornered a young dragonborn woman wielding a bo staff.

She introduced herself as Narss, de facto leader of the guides of the Desert’s Eye. She explained that their leader, Arik Blackwind, had been taken captive in a mysterious shimmer, much like Lorik and Faruk. After determining that their goals aligned, the group was invited into the core of the underground compound, and treated to some desert cactus liquor.

In the ensuing conversation, many things were revealed: that the guides doubt Amharet is who she claims to be, having previously been known as a figure of peace and pacificism; that Arik ordered the guides to break off contact with Skyswatch, concerned that McBride is working against the city; and finally that Irithia was once a guide, and her sister was afflicted by the psionic curse that sends people to the South.

The party sets out the next day with Narss’ willing donation of blood empowering the finger they saved from the necrotic gauntlet. It crackles with power as the dragonborn blood is dripped onto it, and points them northwards.



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