Sands of Alscyra

#9: New Friends and Camels

Lorik wakes up in a cell with Faruk, who is, as usual, in tears. He learns that Arik is also being held, and seeing Lorik and Faruk got him to provide some kind of information to the Alscyrans.

Having gotten the necessary information, the forces holding Lorik set off in two directions, south to ambush the guides at the Desert’s Eye, and north to execute Arik Blackwind.

After repeatedly trying to use his sorcerous powers to break the bars, Lorik is eventually able to negotiate an escape with the one remaining guard, who seems less interested in guarding and more in camel breeding. Lorik heads north to find his brother, and Faruk heads south to warn the party of the oncoming attack.

Meanwhile, the party encounters precisely that attack. Narss is slain, and Faruk arrives just in time to be taken hostage. The dragonborn leader threatened to decapitate him if the party took any action against his allies. Edsel, having only one second to take him out, managed to attune to exactly the right kind of infernal energy and obliterated the leader before Faruk could be harmed.

Lorik got lost, but the party found him and they all headed north together.



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