Ferron Hailswift

A nimble halfling and traitorous conspirator


Ferron is just under four feet tall, slender, with dirty brown hair pulled back in a short ponytail. He wears piecemeal leather armor.


Ferron is one of the few surviving members of the group that attacked the Anniversary Parade. He attempted to flee the city, but the heroes tracked him down.

He offered to lead them to the group’s rendezvous point for his life, to which they agreed on the condition that they bind his arms and legs. The “rendezvous point” was a trap, however, and Ferron escaped into the desert as the heroes dealt with monstrous beetles.

By the time the group caught up with him again, they’d learned their lesson about trusting such a deceitful halfling. He met his end at the point of Keothi’s sword.

Ferron Hailswift

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