Handler for the best desert guides in Alscyra


McBride is a burly, hairy guy. Barrel-chested with a ruddy beard that descends all the way down his neck. He has bright green eyes and the overall bearing of a tall dwarf, though he is human.


McBride, who only goes by his surname, is the leader of the Pathfinders’ Ring, a guild of desert guides who operate out of Skyswatch. Because desert travel can take weeks to months, he keeps a detailed log of when he expects his employees to return. He operates out of the first floor of an ill-kept inn in the Gate District, strewing maps and charts all over the tables and benches there.

He is loud but usually jovial, except when a guide is running late.

Lorek has discovered that his missing brother worked for McBride for a short period before disappearing on a guide job to the far eastern desert.


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