Reya Ironheart

High Priestess of Pelor, the hand that guides most Imperial politics in Skyswatch


Reya is a dwarf. She wears ornate white robes, inlaid with gold thread. She wears a circlet with the symbol of Pelor on its crown. Her hair is immensely long and thick and red, often bound in two large braids made up of smaller braids.


Reya has been running Skyswatch for quite some time, as the emperor has been in poor health and his daughter is too young to rule.

Reya uses a sacred scrying bowl to look out over the city, but she can only see what the sun’s light falls upon. As such, she has been unable to uncover the thieves who stole the Golden Armaments. Thus she has recruited the heroes who defended against the attack in the Heart of the City.

Reya Ironheart

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