Yazmin el Khayat

A young woman, sent by her family to seek a new fortune, is instead seeking to follow in the footsteps of the greatest champions of Pelor.


Yazmin is a tall, powerfully athletic woman. She moves with the easy grace of an accomplished fighter, even wearing a heavy suit of full chain armor. Her weapon – the wickedly curved khopesh – is a traditional weapon of her family, who rose to wealth in the Merchant Republic from obscurity in the desert. Her skin is still the dark almond shade of the desert peoples, and both her eyes and hair are a glistening black. Quick to laugh and easy to befriend, her faith is a steel core of strength within her soul. She is an implacable enemy to those who would abuse their strength to take power over the weak.


Yazmin is a daughter of Shiri el Khayat, head of the el Khayat household, oldest of the Five Families of Dorn. Merely being one of the head’s children by no means guarantees a life of ease and peeled grapes, however. Even the first and second born must study hard and devote their lives to the furthering of the family’s fortunes, but children past the fourth must leave the city of their birth and seek their fortunes on their own (and then, of course, bring them back to enrich the family). Yazmin is the sixth and final born child, and has recently departed on her own travels.

This isn’t to say that the grand families of Dorn send their children out into the world unequipped. She has been trained by the finest martial instructors, the most eloquent rhetoricians, and the shrewdest of chancellors to equip her with the skills she’ll need to survive and prosper.

Unfortunately for her family, her childhood piety never quite mellowed with age like it tends to with the average wealthy inhabitant of the Merchant Republic. The highlight of the week for young Yazmin was always the visit to the temple of Pelor, where sermons were followed by tales of the valorous heroes of ages past. Sent forth to find a fortune, she has instead begun to seek a grand destiny.

Indeed, she didn’t make it far from home before she was willingly drawn into the heart of the storm brewing in the desert. Her stay in Skyswatch was brought to an abrupt end by an attack led by the desert lord Kaja, and every step since has brought her further out into the dunes. Her ancestors came from the desert many generations ago, so perhaps it’s unsurprising that she has come to be chasing elusive enemies into its interior now. Who knows what secrets she may find, long hidden beneath the sand?

Yazmin el Khayat

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