Sands of Alscyra

#1: Beginnings

We began in the city of Skyswatch. The eladrin girl Joy awoke in a prison cell deep below the city. Meanwhile, Yazmin and Lorek met up at the Great Defeat, the inn they were both staying at on their own separate quests. The goliath Keothi arrived at the gates, and after some extended bureaucracy, was admitted into the city. The tiefling warlock Edsel accepted a job from a nobleman named Janus to negotiate the purchase of a rare book from an eccentric woman.

As the heroes navigated the city, it became clear that something was wrong amidst the festivities of the Anniversary parade. While Joy found herself in the middle of a prison break, aboveground the other heroes fought to stop an attack on the royal carriage in the town square. The “Desert Lord” Kaija animated the dragon-bone statue in the center of town, while other conspirators lobbed homemade explosives at the crowd.

Lorek, Yazmin, and Keothi had been contracted by captain of the guard, Irithia, to stand guard over the event. They dispatched Kaija and her allies, though Yazmin was seriously wounded. Edsel snuck back into the shadows. Joy fought her way through several guards before encountering the half-orc jailer. She was interrupted, however, by Irithia, who ordered the jailer not to attack.


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