Merchant Republic

The Merchant Republic


The Merchant Republic has been around in one form or another for as long as recorded history. Spanning the coast to the north of the continent, it is a series of port city-states that runs basically all the trade of Alscyra. The political structure of the individual cities has changed from time to time, but the Council has always ruled the coast in one form or another.


The Republic is currently comprised of nine city-states, each with its own political system. However they are chosen, each city sends one delegate to the Council of Nine, which oversees laws and regulations that affect the whole of the Republic.


Incredibly diverse. The ports are the gateway to the Great Sea, and so races of every imaginable stripe end up in the Republic.

That said, one of the nine cities is not actually on the coast, but instead located on the island chain farther out in the Sea, the Elflands. This city, Feyport, is inhabited almost entirely by elves, eladrin, and gnomes. The verdant jungle hides a gateway to the Feywild itself, and the gnomes and elves of Feyport hold a monopoly on the export of Fey magical items, dangerously obtained from the Wild itself. Feyport famously trades only in barter, and so all currency-based transactions must be arranged through cutthroat middlemen in the other Merchant cities.

Merchant Republic

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