Sands of Alscyra

#10: Deception

The party, now reunited, heads north to attempt to thwart the execution of Arik Blackwind. They find that lots of desert-dwellers are moving through the night to the site of the execution, where Alscyran forces have set up a gallows.

On the way, the party finds the corpse of the aspiring camel breeder who helped Lorik escape in the previous session. At his camp, the two male camels have somehow been joined by a young camel, henceforth “the camlet.” The party wrangles all three camels and continues on. Eventually they are joined by a young couple who have little stake in desert politics, but have heard an execution will happen and are excited to witness it. Yazmin used her Impostor’s Armor to blend in to the crowd.

As they arrive at the scene, they quickly realize that several of the “spectators” are watching the party, not the execution, and they rightly suspect a trap. Combat ensues, and they overcome guards, a torturer, and a massive executioner, rescuing the semi-conscious Arik. They also obtained a cart full of supplies, including a cask or two of desert cactus liquor, and the horses attached to it.

After a long night’s travel, they return to the Desert’s Eye, and before bedding down Arik leads the guides in a toast. Unfortunately, it quickly becomes apparent that the liquor is poisoned, and Arik is not himself. In a swirl of illusory magic, it is revealed to be Glyddis! The already-exhausted party faced a difficult battle, facing summoned images of themselves in addition to the illusionist himself.

At the climax of the battle, Joy sensed an opening in Glyddis’ mind, and launched a psychic attack from within her pendant. The stone shattered, and the black fluid within spiralled through the air and into Glyddis’ eyes and ears. As the chaos ended, Joy’s mind was now fully within Glyddis’ body.



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