Sands of Alscyra

#11: A New Landscape

Above the chaos within the Desert’s Eye, Carcaryn and Faruk finished tying up the horses and sorting the supplies. They headed below only to find the door barred from the outside, which they opened. Within, they found the bodies of the poisoned guides, and the shocked party members staring at the figure of Glyddis, now under Joy’s control.

After they explained the ambush, the party retired to finally get some rest. Meanwhile Carcaryn and Faruk saw to it that their former comrades were given a burial.

In the night, Edsel dreams of the strange “primer” again, and combs through it. He comes to understand that it is the first in a series, written by someone pursuing both necromantic and draconic magic, concerning a ritual to create a dracolich.

As morning breaks and the party heads up to the surface, they find that Glyddis’ illusion is broken, and the desert looks much different. Troop movement can be seen in all directions, and on the horizon to the north, a massive ziggurat looms. They send Faruk and the camlet back towards Skyswatch with a message for Reya, warning her of the coming attack.

They also notice a contingent heading northward from the south, and decide to try to take them by surprise. They find a group of slaves, led in chains by three combatants. After the battle, only a dragonborn paladin named Kalak and two of the slaves remain. Joy impugns the paladin’s honor, and he seems to agree with her… surrendering.



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