Sands of Alscyra

#7: One Down

Sable seems delighted at Joy’s defeat on the arena floor, and he sends some of his Shadar-Kai associates to tend to the body while the party regroups for the final battle.

The tiefling champion Dajhanni emerges to battle the remaining heroes, and he does so in an evasive, shadowy way. Between slashes from his poisoned blades, he seems to melt into multiple pools of shadow. The party is quick-witted and, frankly, lucky, and mostly manages to attack the correct shadow. As the battle grows intense, Sable raises the stakes by literally raising Joy’s body. The reanimated corpse attempts to tackle Lorik and distract the group from Dajhanni, but they do what they must and obliterate the zombie. Not long after, Dajhanni falls.

The party is led through Sable’s trap-laden catacombs, where he stores his treasures. Lorik observes that the trove is littered with fakes, to distract from the more powerful but visually subtle magical items. The party chooses an item each as a trophy. They also inquire about a vault with a symbol of Pelor built into its mechanism. Sable is happy to tell them of the golden dagger her stole from Skyswatch, one of the Golden Armaments. However, when he attempts to show it off, he finds only sand… and is furious.

Still upset by the disappearance of his dagger, Sable insists that the party ask their questions and leave.

They ask how to find Glyddis:
“He is an associate of mine. Though he aids the forces at the Seat of the Sun King, I do not think he is a true believer. I do not think he believes in anything at all… To find him, head east. I do not know how his illusion works, but I know the followers of Amharet can see through it. Try to infiltrate their ranks. And head to the Desert’s Eye, a haven for desert guides.”

They ask about his history with Meribeth:
“Many believe she is the avatar of Avandra. She is powerful and unpredictable.” To explain his shock at seeing Beelphemaat, he displays an ancient drawing that includes an image of the old woman and the cat, making them at least several centuries old.

They ask how to find Arik Blackwind:
“I only recently heard that name for the first time. Something about him being a ‘brave leader.’ I know little else.”

Sable bids them to leave his realm, and they do. They find that the boy Faruk has waited patiently for them on the surface, much to their confusion. He agrees to take them to the Desert’s Eye, and they talk along the way. Yazmin speaks to him of the glory of Pelor, and Lorik inquires about his brother Arik, while Keothi chastises the boy for his emotional outbursts.

After a long evening’s travel, the party camps out, setting watches. On Edsel’s watch, he finds himself confronted by the old woman Meribeth, who entrusts him with the Primer of Al’Jazra. He wakes to find that it may have been just a dream.



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